Bando Sensei Farewell Party.

Like two days ago, we had a little farewell party for Bando Sensei, a Professor from Musashino Art Univercsity, Tokyo. He has been here in DP for almost one year. Although this is not really a farewell because he'll go to Bandung again for several time, but this time we'd just finish the Bamboo Shelter Project 2012 (first term) and a party would be good. Hehe.

Ogi san made this lovely pic.

The funny thing is, the student gave Bando Sensei a pack of souvenir. And it turns out, Bando Sensei become Kabayan. Hahahaha.


Then, Andaru Sensei and Bando Sensei had a concert..

What a farewell party...!

See you again soon Sensei!

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