a 'little' conversation

There was a 'little' conversation yesterday.
Thought about our fancy problem, fancy love(sss) we had, fancy life... aaand fancy future. will we be more mature than this day? i mean, we are twenty one (and twenty two =P ) .. we are able to solve our problems by ourself, we are responsible to many thing that we did yesterday, we think about what will be happen tomorrow if we do somethng big today, we do taking some risks, or sometimes we fight badly for something we believe in..
maybe sometimes we remember all the stupid-lame-coward-sweet-highschool things and laugh it out loud now. will that happen? 4 years from now we sit and think about how immature we are in 21? mhh... i really don't know. i hope that's not gonna happen.. but who knows? ahahahhh..

Amanda Amelia. Prita Arianti R.