Sunday at the Office.

blabbing 7:50 PM

Please Don't Do That To Me.

about being a mother 3:50 PM

Hamil Itu...

about being a mother 6:52 PM

Yes, I am pregnant.

about being a child 1:10 AM

Another New Babies.

12:07 AM

Our New Babies!

10:55 PM

DGI for FGD Expo 2013.

10:57 AM


blabbing 11:00 PM


blabbing 8:00 PM

Monte Carlo, Monaco.

postcard 7:00 AM

Kanagawa, Japan.

postcard 2:17 PM


friend 8:02 AM


blabbing 3:03 PM

Berlin, Germany.

postcard 10:45 AM

Selamat selamat!

about being a wife 1:31 PM

Mostar, Bosnia.

postcard 2:37 PM

Good Saturday Morning.

blabbing 2:00 PM


about being a student 5:20 PM

Experiment #1.

projects 11:34 PM

A Cup of Japanese Coffee.

blabbing 7:51 PM

Mari Makan Sop Buntut.

friend 10:10 PM

Product Lifecycle.

blabbing 11:59 PM


friend 4:30 PM

Save the Planet.

blabbing 11:13 PM

Old Station Wagon Volvo.

about being a girlfriend 10:14 PM