Old Station Wagon Volvo.

My first met with him was (I think) in PDF#3, a product design forum, back in January 2011. It was nothing by the way, at the first time. And still nothings more for maybe a year. We’re becoming friend. And still it took times, meeting, talking and other things happened before I noticed him, more. At that time he still with somebody else and me too, then because of that, there’s a big boundary. Until.. we’re both finish dealing with our own past.
Suddenly a lot of things changed. We fall for each other, and to realize that we still need many incidents happened. By that time, I was afraid to start a new relationship, it’s not because I don’t like him enough, but I’m afraid if that goes wrong I will lose a good friend, a good listener and a good motivator at the same time. I really wasn’t ready for that, but (thanks for that) I decided to give it a try.
Then everything goes right. We talk about everything, drive to many places with no plans, had breakfast lunch and dinner together, hangout with friends, playing guitar on the beach, even fighting, and everything else. That time, he told me that he already think about what my car will be 20 years from now, I melt instantly. (And it's an old station wagon volvo by the way :P)

Then, took only a couple of months to decide that we want to marry each other.

By the way, I love you dude. 

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DUH sial. aku lemah sama yang beginian. *brb, melting