Bandar Lampung.

Last month, we had our second (let say) wedding celebration in Lampung, Kijing's hometown, at his mother house. I actually had been in Lampung once, but only passing through it because I'm in a bus from Bandung to Padang. So I think this one is my very first visit to Bandar Lampung.

We drived from Bandung straight to Bandar Lampung. Me, Kijing, my mom and dad.


Merak Harbour.
This is the main way if you wanna have a road trip from Java to Sumatra. But I think we will not using this harbour again years later since the goverment plan to build a long bridge  accross the Sunda Strait. But still, yeaaaarrsss later.


On a ferry Merak to Bakauheni.
Better than I thought.






Welcome to Lampung!

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