Bosscha Observatorium, Daylight.

One day..
Me and Ogi went to Bosscha, to accompany Bando-sensei who accompany Myura-sensei, his friend from Japan. This is actually my third visit to Bosscha, but this time is the first time I come in the daylight. And this is Ogi's first.

Well at Bosscha, Panda and his dad already waiting for us, and his mom, and his brother.
It turns out, Myura-sensei is an old friend of Panda's dad, long ago while he still in Japan. So the the tour today its in Japanesse :D 



This is actually the first time for me to see the roof opened. Cool. With just that simple mechanic from the colonial era.

Panda's dad keep talking in Japanesse, explaining the Observatory system, and I don't understand Japanesse, so I take a walk around the Observatory building, and there's Milo at the back door, taking his nap..



Then, lunch at Panda's house! :D
In between 9 peoples (Panda, Hana, Vega, Panda's Dad, Panda's Mom, Me, Ogi, Bando-sensei and Myura-sensei), only me and Ogi who can't can't Japanesse :P

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